Passion for Fashion


Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

It is so exciting that the fashion show is finally coming tomorrow, and we just finished the rehearsals for today! Here are some snapshots from today.

Stage and seats all set by noon


Fashion Is A New Beginning. Keep calm and the bridal scene is coming.

Clothes and posters from Fashion Is Pneu Moda by Lauren Countryman

Fashion is hard working, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Fashion is an instant language. Let’s see what the students from the fashion program want to say about who they are without having to speak.

See you tomorrow!

Style Your Spring Stripes


Everyone has some stripes clothes in his or her closet, because stripes are just chic and very easy. It doesn’t matter where you are going to, on a beach or in a city. Stripes clothes always go well with your style. Spring and summer are coming, and the weather is getting warmer. Try some ways to show the freshness with the stripes that you totally forget in your closet.

  • Your stripes t-shirt with a sleeveless jacket
  • Your stripes t-shirt with a pair of high-waist jeans
  • Your stripes t-shirt with a pair of overalls
  • Your stripes dress
  • Your stripes skirt with a long-sleeve shirt

In the next two days, the weather will be so much warmer. Don’t be afraid to put on something fresh and go outside enjoying the sunshine! If we had no winter, the spring wouldn’t be so pleasant. Spring is the nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

Fashion for All


The fashion program is gearing up for the upcoming fashion show, Fashion is… on April 30th and we would like to showcase what individuals who are not in the fashion program think fashion is. I asked people what they thought fashion is and these were their responses:

Fashion is personality. A portrayal of a person even if you conform or stand out. It describes how you feel and how you choose to present yourself. -Olivia B.

Fashion is personality. -Annie H.

Fashion is clothing, but an extravagant piece or garment. It is not something you see everyday. Fashion is a statement piece. -Jovany J.

Fashion is expression. -Evie C.

Fashion is interpretive. -Bridget C.

Fashion is crocs, sweatpants, and some Bills gear. – Corey L.

Fashion is a person’s thought shown through material. -Grace K.

Fashion is culture. -Monica V.

Fashion is the way you dress yourself and how you present yourself. -Payton C.

Check back in the following weeks to see more updates on the fashion show and to see the unique definitions of what fashion is.




We announced the theme, Fashion is…, for 35th Annual GCC Fashion Show just two weeks ago and already we are in work mode on the fashion show! Each student in the fashion program was asked what they think Fashion is… and we had them write it down. The amazing, Lauren Countryman, took those notes and created a video to show just some of the many words and phrases that can be used to showcase what Fashion is…

We are asking you, the public, to tweet or post what you think Fashion is… using  #GCCfashionis Also you can email Lauren or myself and tell us what you think Fashion is… and why. Your thoughts on what Fashion is… will be featured in the monthly blog posts showcasing what fashion means to individuals outside the fashion program. You can email us at:

Tips for Staying Stylish and Warm This Winter


During the winter, we all want to look our best, but it’s just so hard to be warm and still look great. Here are some easy tips from my experience for you staying stylish and warm this winter. 



Scarves are perfect accessories with a pure style and warmth. They’re always easy to match, so they won’t take you too much time thinking about how to dress.



A boat-neck sweater is simple and great for winter. Sweaters are warm and this kind of sweaters are simply stylish.



Put on a vest. Fur vests are stylish and they keep you warm over a thin top. I love them!



Leather dresses and jackets are perfect clothing for you to stay warm in!



Peacoats keep you warm all the time. Put on a long peacoat and stay warm in it!



Especially for girls, tall boots are fantastic in winter to keep warm and stylish. Knee-high boots are my favorite.



Stockings and leggings should be also girls’ favorite in winter because they let you still wear skirts, shorts, and dresses in a cold day. They’re also good for both school and office.Remember to keep your legs warm, ladies!

Hope this is helpful for you! Have a nice Thanksgiving!

What is Fashion?


What is fashion?

Fashion is a ruffle, fashion is a crease. Fashion is for the head, fashion is for the feet. Fashion is denim, fashion is diamonds.

Fashion is safe.

Fashion is risk.

Fashion is reflection.

Fashion is vision.

From leather to lace, from sandals to stilettos, from art to music, fashion is…..everything.

Fashion is subjective and open to discussion.

I am happy to announce the theme for the 35th Annual GCC Fashion Show is Fashion is…

Fashion is… seems like a broad theme for the 35th Annual GCC Fashion Show, but fashion is broad and all encompassing.

Each scene will be called Fashion is… ________.

Each individual in charge of a scene has the ability to name the scene and showcase what fashion really means to that individual and how they interpret the theme.

We want the people of Western New York to think and have an understanding about the role of fashion in our culture. We want them to develop their own definitions of what fashion means to them, but we also want to show and educate them on what we think fashion is.

The GCC Fashion Program is excited to educate you on what fashion is on April 30th, 2016!


A Learning Experience


This blog post was written by sophomore, Hailey Rizzo.

New York City has started a fire inside me that will never die. Every time I go to this beautiful, crazy, exciting city I fall in love more and more. I’m sure this applies to many other people as well. After visiting for my third time, I was able to determine that my dreams are possible, all thanks to the big city. I never realized the amount of opportunity the city has to offer until this most recent trip. This NYC trip was amazing, but there were a few things that stuck out to me and made me understand that the city is where I want to end up.

  1. Seeing past GCC graduates

Growing up in a “small town” and going to a school such as GCC, I thought I would probably stay in upstate New York forever. After a lot of thinking and especially after seeing the GCC alumni at their current jobs, it gave me hope and made me realize that the city is the place I need to be in order to make it in this industry. It was amazing seeing every one, and it was hard to believe the amount of success they’ve already had even though they only went to GCC a few years ago. That was definitely very motivating and encouraging. All of their advice helped me answer many questions I was wondering and I’m grateful they took the time out of their busy schedules to speak with us.

2.  Buffalo David Bitton

This was my second visit to Buffalo David Bitton and I almost forgot how much I love that company. Diane Alexander is so amazing and after listening to her talk she showed me how much passion and dedication you need to have to be in this industry. Not to mention how much hard work you need to put in. She is someone who I respect greatly and I’m definitely going to try to get an internship at Buffalo next year.

3. FIT College Visit 

After it was time for every one to go home, I stuck in the city and took a tour of FIT with my parents. After looking at multiple schools for my next step, I am very happy to say FIT is most likely where I will end up. The people there were incredibly helpful and the school itself was very pleasing. Also, the dorms are right across the street, which made me feel better when I thought of moving to the big city. Like any big city, New York can be a little intimidating, but FIT made me feel safe and comfortable. The school is amazing and I can’t wait to see where I will be in a year!

These three events were a few of the many things that made New York such an amazing trip.

Here are a few pictures below of a couple things I saw, and a very crazy transformation of myself from last NYC trip to this NYC trip.

Haley 2   A very crazy transformation of the author of this blog post Hailey Rizzo from last NYC trip to this NYC trip.