My GCC Experience


Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.30.31 PMHello, my name is Sayo Watanabe, and I am from Japan. I have longed to study abroad in the United States since I was in junior high school. So, now I am glad that I have experienced a lot while studying at GCC. There are many great things that can happen to you as a result of studying abroad, the following are just a few things that I have experienced!

1. Become More Independent

I was dependent on my parents and friends for support while I was living in Japan. At first It was difficult for me to be on my own because it was hard for me to clarify my thinking and consider my own opinion. I did encounter situations that needed to be remedied while at GCC, but I tried to solve these problems by myself. Now, I have become an active person and I can act on my own feelings better than before.

2. Broaden Your Horizons

When I lived in College Village, my roommates were American, Korean, and Vietnamese. I experienced various cultural differences at that time. I may not have been able to experience that kind of diversity in Japan. Now I know foreign cultures, and have learned to accept individual cultures. This was a wonderful experience for me.

3. Meeting People

I’m lucky to have had a lot of fantastic professors, roommates, classmates, and friends. I am shy, and I am not great at having conversations with people. But, I was able to gain confidence and began talking to more people than before, because the people who I have met at GCC have all been friendly.

I have had a  variety of experiences while studying at GCC. I have learned the importance of cultural differences, self-improvement, and connecting to people. I believe that these experiences have led to the growth of confidence with myself, and it’s all because of my decision to study abroad at GCC.

This blog was contributed by GCC Student Sayo Watanabe.

Three Changes I’ve Noticed In myself Since Attending GCC


My name is Ayumi Fujita, and I am a GCC student majoring in Tourism & Hospitality Management. I have been at GCC for around two years now. I am proud to be a part of such a great program. I feel that I have gone through many changes during my life at college. I’d like to share these changes because I believe GCC is responsible for them.

1. Personality Change

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.01.06 PMOne of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in myself is in my personality. Before GCC, I was a shy person. I could not speak with people who I met for the first time; also I really disliked presenting because I could not speak out and felt embarrassed to stand in front of a classroom. However, there have been chances to speak out and present during my program at GCC. This has given me a lot of practice, confidence, and time to perfect my speech. I felt that my speeches were improving. Moreover, I could speak with other people because other GCC students are friendly,I enjoy talking with them!

2. Recognizing the Differences between Japanese and American people

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.02.03 PMI have a new point of view from living in a foreign country. Before I came to the U.S., I felt a little scared and nervous because my image of the U.S. was a little negative. However, I noticed it was wrong day by day. All GCC students and staff-members are kind. They are open minded, and talk directly to me. They always help me to study in order to make a better future for myself. I could comfortably spend time surrounded by great people at GCC.

3. I Became more Active

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.01.24 PMAfter coming to GCC, I became an active person because I joined many clubs and went on trips. I went to Niagara Falls, New York City, Washington D.C., Toronto, and Orlando with my friends. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to visit so many places, because I thought these places were too far from Japan. It takes twelve hours to travel from Japan to the U.S. by airplane. The U.S. is huge, and there are many attractive places I have never visited.  I would like to go on more trips and share my experiences with my friends and family.

Also, I became more independent throughout college because I have to do everything by myself.  For example, I moved to an apartment when I became a sophomore. The process was hard, but my roommate and I took care of everything ourselves.  It’s a precious experience for me and now I have confidence in myself.  I am sure these experiences will help me in the future.

This blog was contributed GCC Student Ayumi Fujtia.

A Show Not To Be Missed


Fata Morgana is just hours away! Final preparations and decorations are being made for GCC’s biggest event of the year. The stage is set, and decorations have begun to go up in the forum. Set up has also begun in the cafeteria for the reception that will immediately follow each show.

As well as refreshments at the reception, there will also be many vendors selling various items. This year, there are more vendors than ever before. Vendors selling jewelry, make up, and various gifts will all be a part of Fata Morgana. In addition, there are opportunities for guests to participate in activities. Perhaps the most exciting, and most fitting activity with the theme will be tarot card reading. This will be done by New Age Circle Club.

GCC will have two shows on April 25th. There will be an afternoon show at 3:00, and an evening show at 7:00. Friends, family and members of the community are all encouraged to attend. This is one show you do not want to miss!

This blog was contributed by GCC student Emily Pelton.

An Idea Becomes A Reality


Recently, the sophomore fashion students at GCC decided that they should create a t-shirt that would serve as an illustrative way of interpreting the Fata Morgana fashion show, not only for themselves but for the Tourism & Hospitality students as well. The problems faced with creating a garment that is innovative, stylish, communicative, versatile, and unisex are really quite visible; initially,no one could agree upon an idea. A plethora of designs were pitched, yet no one unanimously agreed upon a design that they would be proud to wear around the halls of GCC.

Fashion Design student Jocelyn Eade pictured with  her fabulous t-shirt design and Fashion Merchandising student Lekha Anderson.

Fashion Design student Jocelyn Eade pictured with her fabulous t-shirt design and Fashion Merchandising student Lekha Anderson.

Enter Jocelyn Eade, a talented sophomore design student. With two simple sketches, Jocelyn managed to provide a design that was everything that the fashion students were looking for. The shirts just arrived yesterday, and it was clear that everyone was overjoyed with the final result.

Special thanks to Brian Kemp at T-Shirts Etc for turning one student’s idea into a fantastic shirt, as well as to Jocelyn Eade for lending her expertise in design to such a challenge!

-Ami Cornell

Keeping It Cohesive


Genesee Community College’s 34th annual fashion show Fata Morgana is now only one short day away. The fashion and hospitality students have been working tirelessly to make this years fashion show a fantastic success. This year’s theme is Fata Morgana. A Fata Morgana is defined as a rapidly changing and complex form of superior mirage/optical phenomenon that is seen in the narrow band right above the horizon.

giphyThe merchandising and design students have created a very detail oriented fashion show presenting very relevant and enticing merchandise. The scenes featured in this years fashion show is as follows:

  1. Battlefield- Designed and Coordinated by Amber Coan
  2. Among the Wildflowers- Coordinated by Taylor Bunch & Katie Strong with apparel by Lord & Taylor and Gymboree
  3. Transcendence- Coordinated by Angelique Porey & Sara Elliott with apparel by Porey
  4. Inevitable- Coordinated by DJ Simmons with apparel by LovelyWholesale
  5. Bare- Coordinated by Jocelyn Eade & Eunice Goeun Park with apparel by Eade
  6. Bri-Jhn- Coordinated by Brittany Breedlove with apparel by B.B.
  7. Minuit Désert By T. LaShaé- Coordinated by Tiffany Hill & Chiho Nakayama with apparel by T. LaShaé and jewelry by Na’kaylas Jewelry Box
  8. Festival Haze- Coordinated by Ami Cornell & Kylie Dunn with apparel by Buffalo David Bitton and Lord & Taylor
  9. Oasis- Coordinated and Designed by Abby Lee Wilcox with jewelry by Kana Tatsumi
  10. Opulence- Coordinated and Designed by Catherine Morales
  11. Veni Vidi Vici- Coordinated by Ariana Sneed with apparel by Candace Cooper
  12. Sandar- Coordinated by Lekha Anderson with apparel by Charles Men’s Shop and M.A. Carr Bridal

giphy (1)

The Tourism and Hospitality Management students took the theme Fata Morgana and ran with it. Transforming the cafeteria into a superior mirage, they have worked many hours making the reception immaculate, with a menu and decorations that you would have to see to believe. In addition there will be coffee donated from Tim Horton’s along with a large assortment of food spreads including veggie dips, cheese and crackers, hummus and so much more. After the show you can also stop over and enter to win a door prize, or even purchase something that you just saw on the runway moments ago!

Fata Morgana is sure to be an unforgettable experience so get your tickets now!

Tickets for western New York’s largest and longest running fashion show are being sold Fridays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the forum at the Batavia campus or by calling (585) 343-0055 ext. 6616.

Tickets for western New York’s largest and longest running fashion show are being sold Fridays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the forum at the Batavia campus or by calling (585) 343-0055 ext. 6616.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Ariana Sneed.

Online Classes At GCC


Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.44.37 PMI’m taking one online class currently. I never took an online class, except for this class, ever. Therefore, I was a little worried to participate in this online class, because it was not clear to me how the class would go. I even had thoughts that the online class would not be helpful for my own learning. But, I soon found that my original assumptions were wrong. Rather, I found some benefits about taking the online class. This class is a little harder for me, because I have a lot of work to do independently. But, I manage to enjoy it while maintaining a strong work ethic.

The Value of Taking Online Classes At GCC

  • Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.44.22 PMYou can share many ideas with your classmate through discussion. It’s a good lesson in communication.
  •  It helps you to learn the material more deeply.
  • You can study at your own pace.
  •  You can check your Blackboard Account more frequently and try to join in the discussion as much as possible.
  •  It might cause you to join in the class more actively than taking it in the class, because you are required to share your thoughts and comments with other students.
  •  You can absorb information, even from ideas of students, and it will lead you to consider other points of view.

These are some of the many values of taking an online class At GCC. What I can say now is that online classes are beneficial to my own learning, gaining knowledge, and even keeping up my passion to learn. To be honest, two years have passed since I came to GCC. Even now, sometimes, I can’t catch what my professor or classmate says, exactly, because English is my second language and I may possibly miss some important parts of the class. But, I manage to be focused in my classes and enjoy the everyday learning environment. I found online classes are not so hard for me, because I can see what my classmates think about the discussion. I feel that I am able to keep up with the class and joining in the class steadily, positively and actively. In addition to this, this class gave me confidence. Usually, I rarely offer my opinion during class, because I’m shy and I’m hesitant out of fear of making mistakes. Therefore, when I received comments and agreement about my thoughts from online classmates, I was glad to get a response. Online classes definitely help to keep my motivation to learn, study, and absorb more!

This blog was contributed by GCC Student Kiho Minami.

Learning Spanish At GCC


¡Hola! Me llamo Miku.

Soy de Japon. Tengo una clase de español en GCC, y la clase es muy divertida. Afortunadamente, mi profesora Elizabeth es muy simpática, servicial y bonitaJ La clase es un poco difícil para mí, porque estudio español con inglés. ¡Pero, me gusta mucho la clase de español!

¡Gracias Elizabeth!

This semester I am taking SPA 101. Learning Spanish has been one of my dreams since high school, so I am really enjoying my Spanish class! There are many great professors at GCC, and I am currently taking Spanish with Elizabeth, who is counted among them!

How fun and valuable is learning Spanish in Elizabeth’s class?

I am having fun in every Spanish class. In the Spanish class, my professor, Elizabeth, teaches us by playing games and working in groups. She always tries to use Spanish as much as possible, so we can all practice listening to Spanish. Also, to memorize vocabulary, it is important to speak with people rather than just writing. We try to speak Spanish as much as possible with playing games, so I think her class is very effective, helpful, and also a lot of fun. She always welcomes questions, so after class, I ask questions and also we talk about our cultures. She has lived in Europe before, so she tells all of us interesting things about her experiences in Europe, too. It is really a fun and valuable time for me to talk about different cultures.

Learning a third language VS. a second language

As I am a Japanese student, my mother language is Japanese. My second language is English, and now my third language is Spanish. It is a new challenge for me to learn Spanish from English. Learning a third language is very different from learning a second language. It was not what I expected. Spanish and English are similar to each other, because they both have a formal alphabet, so it is difficult for me to keep up with American students. Because I’m not used to reading the alphabet, I can’t read quickly like the American students. Also, some Spanish words are really similar to English, so other students can understand the word even if we have not learned it yet. That is why I need more time than Americans to review and prepare for the next class. However, I also have an advantage to learning a third language. As I have been learning English for a long time, I am getting used to learning other languages, and I understand the best ways for me to learn Spanish. Even though I need more time to prepare, I do not feel that it is too difficult to learn Spanish, because Elizabeth will help me!

Thanks to my nice professor, Elizabeth, I enjoy every Spanish class, and learn Spanish effectively even though I am not used to learning with English, and it is difficult to keep up with the class. GCC offers more Spanish classes, and I think other Spanish professors are also nice and helpful just like Elizabeth! So why not take a Spanish class at GCC?

This blog was contributed by GCC Student Miku Ishikawa.