Four Benefits Of Studying Abroad


In Japan, there are not many universities and colleges, which offer Travel and Tourism as a major. I could only find a few universities, but those were private schools, which were expensive. I really wanted to major in tourism, so I decided to study abroad in the U.S. and came to GCC. While studying abroad, I got many great experiences. So, I want to tell you about them.

1. The Culture

Learning different cultures is one of the best benefits to staying in a foreign country. I am learning American culture while living here. I enjoyed experiencing Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Black Friday. They were good experiences that other Japanese people living in Japan could not do. Also, I realize how much I love my home country of Japan, the culture, food, and the people. I would not have realized it if I did not study abroad. It is very important to see my own culture and country from outside of the country.

2. Making The Most Of The Trip


I enjoy traveling here. I went to Niagara Falls, Toronto, New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Orlando in the 1.5 years that I had been here. Also, I am planning to go to Miami this summer. I never thought I could travel so easily before I came here. If I were in Japan, I could not travel to so many places because it is too far. I plan to travel more until the end of my study abroad.

3. Making New Friends


I am making friends with a variety of different people. If I went to college in Japan, as we all know, there is not much of chance to meet other people and become friends with them. Studying abroad gives me the opportunity to meet many kinds of people. In addition, in a foreign country, we can become close friends with other Japanese students because they have much of the same struggles and share the same feelings. I have many close friends who share thoughts about our future, have fun, eat, drink, and live together. These relationships will continue after we go back to our countries.

4. Family 


Studying abroad, I notice the importance of our families. My family supported me through everything. They understand me and welcome letting me go. They support all financial sides and mental sides. They always stay on my side. Sometimes, I miss my family, but I think it is a good time to make sure of the family’s importance. I give thanks for my family more whenever I go back home.

What do you think about studying abroad? Studying abroad brings people many benefits that they will never experience unless they study abroad. Also, there are a lot of opportunities in many ways. It makes your life more meaningful and changes your mind dramatically.

This blog was contributed by Tourism & Hospitality Management Student Yurina Yasutomi.

Is It All Chaos? Behind The Scenes 101


A fashion show would not be its best without a hint of chaos here and there, let’s be honest! The key to controlling the chaos is organization! I got first-hand experience and felt the adrenaline rush of working behind the scenes and also interning with a particular scene called “Off with their Heads” coordinated by Ashley Arter for the 23rd annual fashion show here at GCC; Fashion Forward.

I have to say it was an awesome experience! I was hands on with everything and anything she needed help with. For Ashley’s scene she hand made all her pieces that the models would walk the runway in. The models looked amazing in her Alexander McQueen inspired designs. I was very happy that she chose me to help her with scene and that I had the opportunity to gain the experience of working back of the house and interning. Let me tell you that being an intern was not an easy job, but a very important one at that. I was to be present at every dress rehearsal, fitting, and run through up until the show day. Which I didn’t mind because hello that’s what being an intern is!

On the day of the show I would say that the one thing that is the most important besides having everything completed is timing! Timing is the aspect of the show that can either make it or break it, and working back of the house is all timing. Each person in her scene, including myself, models, and other helpers were to be there at the same exact time; got to stay professional! Making sure everyone was present and ready to go was the major start to the day. Setting the room up was the next. From foiling the windows, moving the desks to be able to maneuver, setting up hair and makeup stations, and then getting all the garments on rolling racks with names of the models on them for easy and efficient dressing. No food or drink whatsoever in the room! Next was to get everyone situated and go right in to hair and makeup; there is absolutely no time to spare! Ashley and I worked on all the models; she worked more on the hair aspect, and I took on the makeup, which personally was fun for me! When the last smoky eye was finished, and the last spritz of hair spray was sprayed, it was then outfit time. This got a little chaotic, not going to lie. Not to say that it was rushed, but we were crunched for time because the hair and makeup took longer to perfect. Luckily, since we organized the pieces during set up it was easier to get the girls into their outfits. Once everyone was checked in their- last looks it was time for the lineup. Each model was appointed a certain spot based off the order of the clothing in which the scene would take place and ultimately make sense. Lined up and ready to go in the hallway to walk down the runway, there was one last very important step made; the infamous GUM CHECK. With that taken care of we were right on schedule making it down right on time before Ashley’s scene was to go on. We were behind the curtain with the models who were lined up and ready to go. We did a super quick garment check one last time. All the bows were tied, zippers up, and hair in place. Now the timing of the scene was practiced over many times in rehearsals, the first model knew exactly when to walk out as soon as the music started. This was the most anticipated part of the entire day, if the timing was off, the whole scene would not work. But she nailed it and the scene went just as planned and ended right on time! Ashley was ecstatic and I was happy to be a part of her final grade.

All the nail biting, worrying, absolutely draining and tedious rehearsals, and nonstop work was all worth it. It was two minutes of perfection. The chaotic feeling made for an even sweeter victory. The experience I gained and knowledge I took away from doing back of the house and being an intern gave me skills that I will carry onto other jobs and tasks in the fashion industry. I am excited to be working back of the house again for this year’s fashion show and am looking forward to the final outcome of everyone’s hard work and dedication. So is it really all chaos? I’d have to say yes but it makes for a great show!

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Chelsae Murphy.

Peter Cumbo: Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Creativity Conference


Untitled.jpgWe are thrilled to announce that the keynote speaker for the 2015 Creativity Conference will be Peter Cumbo, the Owner and President of Cumbo, Inc.

Peter is an award-winning producer, director, and editor. He has produced and directed commercial videos on location throughout North America and around the world, creating work for broadcast, digital distribution, and live events. Peter has done work for the iconic brand New Era Cap and some of the work that he has done for them was recognized on March 7, 2015 when Cumbo, Inc. won four Silver Addy Awards.

In addition to his work in media, Peter offers his expertise as an organizational consultant offering strategic advice, training and practical leadership to business. As a consultant, Peter’s goal is to create and sustain transformative moments, those in which the participants experience encouragement, inspiration, and improvement resulting in lasting change. Take a look at one of the video productions Cumbo, inc. was awarded for and don’t miss the opportunity to hear about the true power of creative thinking!

This blog was contributed by Business Administration Student Chelsey Breuilly.

The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made


After high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was afraid of the future and the unknown. I felt like I didn’t want to commit to a full college education, yet I was too young to look for a full-time job. As I was trying to decide, I knew time was ticking by; I had to make a decision. One day, I applied to SUNY GCC Arcade because I thought that you couldn’t go wrong with getting a college education. I then chose to major in Tourism & Hospitality Management because I have always enjoyed working in the hospitality industry. It turns out that that was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Professor Kohl (Center)

Professor Kohl (Center)

In my first semester, I took five classes. My two favorite classes were Hotel Operations with Professor Plouffe (professor at Batavia Campus) and Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality with Professor Kohl. Professor Kohl is the Director of Accommodations at Darien Lake. He was the one to teach us the basics and the history of tourism through different projects and homework assignments. One night for homework, we were told to write down our favorite recipe. We all kind of wondered where exactly he was going with that assignment. The next class, we took a little field trip to Tops to find out how much it would cost to make our favorite recipe for a restaurant. It was such a fun way to learn something that is so important in our industry! He also took us to Darien Lake to see the campground, the hotel, and the park. As a student, it’s amazing to be able to see hotels inside and out.

The Del Monte Renaissance Hotel front desk.

The Del Monte Renaissance Hotel front desk.

The best part of Hotel Operations with Professor Plouffe was that we had the opportunity to visit The Del Monte Renaissance Hotel for one of our classes. While we were taking notes there, we ate exquisite food. Afterwards, he took us through the entire hotel: rooms, lobby, restaurant, kitchen, meeting room, laundry room, salon, spa, everything! Professor Plouffe made sure that, by the end of the class, we all had a better understanding of what it takes to operate a hotel. Every professor I’ve had goes above and beyond to help everyone learn what they need to know to be successful in their future.

Lastly, in those two classes, I met two of my best friends. The three of us have been taking classes together ever since. So, little did I know that I was enrolling in the best time of my life. I’ve made two amazing friends, been taught by impeccable adjunct professors that take time out of their busy schedules to share their passion, and I have learned so much all because I applied to SUNY GCC!

This blog was contributed by Tourism & Hospitality Management Student Monica Rubeck.



With exactly one month left until the 34th annual GCC Fashion Show, titled “Fata Morgana,” one could say the fashion majors have been stricken with anxiety, excitement, and disturbing amounts of caffeine. We no longer understand the meaning of sleep and those relaxing midday talks with our friends over lunch are but a distant memory.

I am no survivor of this epidemic. As a solo scene coordinator for the opening scene I have a lot riding on my shoulders. On top of planning memorable choreography and being a member of the Back of House committee, I am also designing and producing ten unique outfits to send down the runway. The stress level is intense and sleep deprivation has already ensued. Though it is easy to focus on the negatives, the positive vibes heavily outweigh my inhibitions. I’ve known since I was eight years old that I wanted to spend my life as a fashion designer and nothing has changed my mind thus far.

20150322_011838My scene’s title is “Battlefield,” and is motivated by life’s obstacles and the strong women who overcome them. Whether it was illness, the loss of a loved one, or a break up, everyone has conquered something, making them a warrior in life’s battlefield. Much of the artistic inspiration came from personal photographs taken in the Arms and Armory department of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was taken back by the intricacy and attention to detail in each and every piece. Aesthetically, my pieces are very simple and I don’t accessorize, as to not take away from my art. This contradicts the very things that attracted me to my inspiration, but I see it as taking the best parts of my muse and making them mine. Each outfit has a gold piece to symbolize the daily armor we all wear as protection from pain, loss, and vulnerability. I truly believe that I am more than a fashion designer, I am an artist and everything I do should have meaning behind it.

I’ve never been more proud of myself than with the work I’ve done so far in the fashion program. Tears of relief, happiness, and nostalgia will follow my last model off the runway as I step onto it myself to thank all of those who have supported me. What a fantastic way to end my last year at Genesee Community College.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Design Student Amber Coan.

A Stylish Arrival


A few days ago, a large box arrived on the premises of GCC. This box was sent from the Buffalo David Bitton Showrooms in
NYC. Inside were a variety of clothing items from the Buffalo David Bitton Spring line. Due to the GCC fashion program’s
close relationship to Buffalo David Bitton, and more specifically, PR Director Diane Alexander, we have had the privilege to use new items from the Buffalo David Bitton in three of our fashion shows. From “Fashion Forward”, “Ethereal”, and now “Fata Morgana.”

FullSizeRender (15) 2This year the Buffalo David Bitton line will be featured in a music festival themed scene entitled “Festival Haze” which is being produced by Kylie Dunn and I. “Festival Haze” will embrace the best styles of Coachella and modernized free-spirit trends, and feature items from Buffalo David Bitton, Lord & Taylor, and VidaKush jewelry. We would like to give continued thanks to Diane Alexander, and everyone at Buffalo David Bitton for continuing the tradition of featuring their product line on our runway, and everyone else involved in assisting in the production of our scene. We can’t wait to show all of you what “Festival Haze” and “Fata Morgana” have to offer!

-Ami Cornell

minuit désert


The Genesee Community College 34th annual fashion show is something special to me. This is the third time that I’ve participated in the GCC fashion show as a fashion student. In January 2013, I came to GCC from Japan to study fashion business.

My first year I had the opportunity to be a model for Candace Cooper’s scene. In my second year, I worked as a dresser for Abby Wilcox and Quintessa Wallace’s scene. During those two years, I learned that a fashion show consists of more than the flawless runway that attracts so many people. You can never imagine what the backstage is like unless you are there. And now, this year, I have the opportunity to work as a coordinator for designer Tiffany Hill. Our scene is called “minuit désert” which means midnight desert in French. I am very excited about doing this as my final project for my fashion course because this is what I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was in Japan.

Happily, Tiffany trusted my judgements and decisions in finding models, a makeup artist, and a jewelry company. which was easier than I thought.

Na’kaylas Jewelry Box

Na’kaylas Jewelry Box

New to the GCC fashion show this year is Na’kaylas Jewelry Box. This jewelry company is run by an amazing woman, Mishay Linthecome, who recently started her own business. As an employee, Mishay has used ambition and dedication to help other businesses build success and popularity. She soon realized that she could implement those same skills to her own company to help build success and popularity of her own. Out with the old, in with the new came to the New Year and in January of 2015 Mishay launched her very own jewelry company. The name of the company was inspired by her daughter. I cannot wait to present this collaboration with Na’kaylas Jewelry Box and T. Lashaé!

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Chiho Nakayama.