Tips for Getting “A”s in College


The new semester is here and classes are rolling. Teachers are giving students the intimidating yet all important “This is how it’s gonna’ be” speech,Male-Teacher-in-Classroom the bookstore line is zig-zagging out the back door, and students are drooling over our new cafeteria. The New Academic Year Hustle and Bustle (officially abbreviated N.A.Y.H.B.) is exciting, and I don’t think any other school does it better than Genesee Community College.

As for me, I’m taking 5 classes. Math, Biology, History, Career & Education Planning, and of course Sci-Fi. You can add that one to the list of unique courses that G.C.C. has to offer.Alien-006

My goal is always to get an A in all of my classes. Here are my top 7 tips for getting that done.


  • Make a Daily Schedule: Know what you have to do that day, and plan time for important task. It’s best if you do this the day or night before.
  • Get At Least 7 – 9 Hours of Sleep a Night: The science of sleep can be complicated, but simply put, the more you sleep, the more you memorize. Not to mention, good sleep habits keeps your immune system healthy.
  • Don’t ALWAYS Hang Out With Friends: Don’t get me wrong, a social life is needed! But too much fun and socializing can lead your focus away from your school work. So don’t forget why you are here.
  • OVER DUE Your Assignments: Meaning, impress your teachers! Using your best vocabulary, show off how much you learned! Go Geek! is a free online dictionary. Use it to look up words you don’t know while reading material that your teacher assigns, and write the meaning in the margins of your text-book.
  • Study for test in bits and pieces: Don’t cram the night before a test or try to go over all the material the day before. Study a little bit each day and do an overall review at the end. This means starting your studying process a week or two before your test. Give the harder classes more time, but don’t neglect the easy ones.
  • Keep it positive!! : You can do whatever you set your mind to. Believe and live like you know it’s true, because it is. Don’t let anyone make you settle for less in any area of life. Be your true self 100% of the time, especially when others try to knock you down.
  • Ask for Help: For some, this can be the hardest thing to do. If you don’t know what to do or how to help yourself (or others), you need to admit it and ask someone for help.Visit your professor during his or her office hours. Not only can they help clarify information, but most instructors enjoy meeting and getting to know their students outside class time. And, don’t forget about G.C.C.’s great student support services. I’ve provided the contact information and links:

Well that’s it! Good luck, and work hard hard in all of your classes this semester! See ya!

First Week of School!


After months and months of anticipation, classes have begun for GCC students! I’m on my third day of school, so I’ve had the chance to experience all of my classes (some are Monday/Wednesday and some are Tuesday/Thursday) and I can honestly say that so far I love and am excited about each and every one! Just in case you missed my introduction post, I am a Fashion Business Merchandising student, and my concentration is apparel design. This essentially means that over the course of two years I will be sewing lots and lots of clothes! I can’t wait! I just want to dive in right away! All of my professors are absolutely wonderful and kind people, and I know that I can learn so much from them. Anyways, in my family this wasn’t just my first week, my sister and brother-in-law started school too! I am so excited that we will all be attending GCC together, it makes it that much more fun! Plus, it lets us all carpool, hang out between classes, and have lunch together! It is really such a positive boost to my entire GCC experience.

imageJust look at all my fun new sewing things!!!image

My sister Emily is in the Human Services program, and my brother-in-law (bro) Aaron is in the General Studies program. He plans to get all of his required general education classes out of the way, and then see where life takes him. Oh! There’s another insanely cool thing I have to mention. I’m featured on the Genesee Community College homepage, along with my fabulous fellow blogger Iesha!! It’s amazing, and I still can’t get over it! Thank you so much GCC for liking my blog posts enough to promote me right on your homepage!!


Okay, now I have to tell you about something else that is very exciting. In my Apparel Construction Fundamentals class we were fortunate enough to be allowed to take home donated bridal gowns (if we wished), to re-purpose into something fabulous of our own creation! These gowns are exquisite, and we have been given carte blanche to dye, rip, cut, or do literally anything to these garments, and if they happen to turn out amazing we can enter them in the annual GCC fashion show. The GCC fashion show happens to be the largest professional fashion show in Western NY by the way.


Needless to say I am beyond excited at the possibility of doing something really fun and interesting with this dress. I’m not going to touch it for a while, I want to feel really confident about my decisions with it.


I would love to be able to turn it into something along these lines though. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Any suggestions?

Melanie Martinez’s First Big Album!!!


It finally came! For months I had been patiently waiting for the album I pre-ordered from my favorite singer, Melanie Martinez, and on August 14th it finally released! The name of the album is Crybaby, and it is a concept album produced by Atlantic Records. It is amazing! I cannot begin to describe my love for it. If I could find a way to have the music continuously pumped directly into my brain, I would. I can say without a doubt that I love each and every song Melanie has ever created; the same cannot be said for any other artist/band I have listened to.


There were several different pre-order packs available for the Crybaby release, and I was not able to get the one that I had really wanted (it was a bit pricey), but I am so happy that I was able to get one at all. They were going fast! My pre-order pack came with the digital album, an adorable t-shirt, and some additional digital content that will be released at a later date.

CKJIrtsUcAAjRQFTHE ULTIMATE PACKAGE (and the one I wanted..) It came with the physical album, the digital album, t-shirt, poster, gorgeous story book, a crybaby necklace, and limited edition blue crybaby lipstick from Lime Crime.


I honestly feel so proud of Melanie. I’ve always thought that she was amazingly talented, and I am so glad that she’s been able to take things this far. I’m sure her success will only grow from here, and I am looking forward to tons of new albums in the future! I have been a fan of her since she “debuted” on the singing competition show The Voice, and am so glad that she is now getting the chance to dive into her own material, and is no longer forced to only do covers of other artists.


As of right now I have yet to be able to actually see Melanie live in concert…but someday I’ll find a way!! I mentally kick myself every day for missing her when she came to Albany. I had been going to school there, but moved back to the Batavia area just days before she came and performed!! I was so close!! Since then her tour dates have been too far away, oh well, maybe the next tour… Here, let me post the schedule just in case some of you have better luck than me! I hope you get to go! If you do, send me pictures!



**Next post will be about my first days at Genesee Community College/ the college’s Week Of Welcome!! Look forward to it!!

Finding A Rare Game At Game Players Unlimited!


Game Players Unlimited is a local used video game store that I have enjoyed frequenting since I was young. I remember my grandfather taking me there, and being so excited to get a copy of Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories for the Gameboy Advance. Things certainly have progressed a lot from the time of the Gameboy Advance… Anyways, this place is great, and I stop in from time to time to check to see if they have gotten anything new and exciting. Before I get to the incredibly, mind-blowing, awesome game that I was able to snag though, let me show you a few pictures of what this store looks like!

They actually have two locations. The one I usually visit in Batavia, and one in Brockport.



45 North Main St Brockport NY 14420

Now, on to the inside!


Official posters everywhere! There are some I definitely wouldn’t mind for my room!imageA giant case full of Nintendo DS games.

imageThey also sell lots of gaming accessories! Including Dance Dance Revolution mats, which took me right back to my middle school years…. imageGames…imageEven MORE games!imageAlso worth noting, they do sell a lot of used movies as well! They are very affordable, and sometimes you can find some real gems. I know I saw one of my favorite movies Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure in there….

Okay, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Let’s talk about the game!

Now, you have to understand that I have two Holy Grail, sell my right arm, ultimate dream games. I now have one of them. Yeah, this game acquisition is that major to me. It does place second on my list though. My number one dream game is Rule of Rose.RuleofRose

You can buy Rule of Rose online, but a new copy currently costs around $250. This is a whole lot better than the $999 I’ve seen it going for in years past however. Why so expensive? Well for starters it was banned from the UK less than a week after its release. It was also banned from various other places. it is a deeply psychological horror game centered around orphan children, keyword children, so when it came out publishers wanted nothing to do with it. It got a lot of bad, and unfair press, by people who had obviously never played the game. This game is intensely controversial still, but intensely fascinating. Several university teachers have even developed college classes around this game, and in fact I wrote a thesis on it for a video games as literature course. In all my years of searching I have yet to spot it in a physical store, but it does happen. I went into a store in Albany once asking about it, just to find out that not knowing what they had, they’d sold a copy for $20 the week before. Anyways, I could talk all day about Rule of Rose (see my previous thesis statement…), but let’s talk about Holy Grail number two. The one that I now actually own, and am playing…Haunting Ground!



Rule of Rose VS Haunting Ground

This game, like Rule of Rose, is stunning. It has everything I love, a Victorian Gothic setting, a unique and thoughtful story, psychological horror, and memorable characters. Both Haunting Ground and Rule of Rose are Playstation 2 games, but they are very visually impressive for their era. praised the graphics, stating they were “some of the most detailed, lavish 3D environments Capcom has ever produced”. This game like Rule of Rose implements the use of a dog companion, and I would say that they implemented it better, and with more refinement. I was so so lucky to find this game, and with the original box and manual, all in great condition! The store owner was excited to see it sell so quick, remarking that they only just got it in. Talk about perfect timing!


Okay, I’m going to wrap things up here (so I can get back to playing Haunting Ground…), by once again stressing how awesome used game shops like Game Players Unlimited are. You just never know when a treasure is going to turn up! I’d been searching for Haunting Ground for years, and then when I least expected it, boom, there it was. I cannot begin to explain how precious Haunting Ground and Rule of Rose are to me, and if you’ve ever played either of them I’m sure you understand. If you haven’t I can’t recommend them enough!! Best of luck finding them though! But hey, that’s half the fun!

G.C.C. in N.Y.C.

SUNY Welcome Center

Hello everyone! Are you ready for summer to be over? Ready for students to come back to school? For the long lines, sound of feet stomping through the halls, lunch time mayhem, and *ahem* the cold? 

Well ready or not, here the 2015 Fall semester comes! Speaking of new students, G.C.C.’s admission representatives were in NYC last week. _MG_0896They helped to prepare students by providing them close-to-home access to the COMPASS test and by enrolling them into classes. The team consisted of Ebony Ross, admission specialist, Katie, and Terry George, academic adviser and basketball coach. I was invited to join them as a student representative from The City, and I gladly accepted.

We drove out that Monday morning (8/3/2015), arrived that night, and began Tuesday morning. Working out of The S.U.N.Y. Welcome Center, located at 33 W 42nd St, we helped to register 16 students until Thursday afternoon.

The view from our office window.

The view from our office window.

Another view.

Another view

Overlooking Bryant Park's free summer concert.

Overlooking Bryant Park’s free summer concert.

It was nice to meet some of my new peers. A lot of them were from the Bronx like me, but there were students from all over the _MG_0880city, and even Mount Vernon. I talked to students about the clubs and sports here at G.C.C., and about the programs and shopping trips at C.V. (College Village). Some of the young adults we spoke to are planning to travel to Batavia  by themselves, so our team gave them a lot of information about their options, but told them to primarily depend on the Greyhound/Trailways _MG_0954bus service. Amtrack might be a more comfortable ride, and the Megabus could be as cheap as $10 a ticket (depending on how far in advance you buy it), but these services do not make a stop in Batavia. Students depending on anything other than Greyhound or Trailways would have to be picked up in either Rochester or Buffalo and brought here. Maybe one day this will change.

I took tons of pictures from my trip, and even shot a time lapse of Manhattan traffic from the the 18th floor of the Welcome Center. Being in my concrete jungle for a few days was very enjoyable. There are some things that you will see in no other place than New York City.

Until next time!

Consignment Shop Fun


Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Williamsville New York with my mother, my father, and my grandmother and aunt who are visiting from Arkansas. Now there’s nothing my mother and grandmother love more than making their rounds at local consignment shops and flea markets. Two of their favorite stores are Quality Consignment Furnishings and 2 Good 2 Be Threw, both located in the same plaza on Main Street in Williamsville (coincidentally).


8581 Main St, Williamsville, NY

There they go, mum and grandma ready to shop!image


8619 Main St, Williamsville, NY 

She’s moving on to the next store!


Quality Consignment Furnishings, as you might guess, sells beautiful antique furniture. They also tend to have a lot of paintings, jewelry, and glassware.

imageimageimageimageThis was the absolute coolest thing in the whole store to me! A matching earring and necklace set made of genuine bone!! I really wanted it, but it was just a tad outside my budget…image

2 Good 2 Be Threw has some furniture as well, but they specialize in clothing. They also always have a wall of purses, and lots of jewelry as well.

imageClothes, clothes, everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling!imageimageimageThey even have a cute little kids section. Where I tend to get a lot of clothes from… Hey, it fits me, and it’s CUTE!

imageFurniture! Can you spot the not-so-hidden Betty Boop?image

Both of these stores are excellent for college students looking to score some name brand clothing without the expense that comes with it, or those looking for clothing items and accessories to utilize for alternative fashions. I know I’ve found a lot of really great Lolita style blouses at 2 Good 2 Be Threw. You can find some really beautiful paintings, or cute ceramic pieces to decorate your dorm (if you live in one). It’s also a great place to shop for gifts, especially since the holidays are coming up…

As an added bonus, both of these stores are extremely close to Dash’s Supermarket, which has a to die for bakery and sushi section!!!

Sailing on The Waters



About two Friday’s ago I went sailing for the first time. I loved the tranquility of the water, and the excitement caused by waves rocking the boat. With every buckle of the knee I was grateful for not falling off. Ha! I would most definitely do it again, but there was more to the afternoon. Let me start from the beginning…

After meeting at the house of Rich DeValk who owned the sail boat, I explored the property, took in the smells of the lake, and did the inevitable; I took pictures.

I was in awe of the beauty I saw. There was a tree stump laying on it’s side, clearly no longer connected to the ground, but some how small green leaves were peeking through it’s center; vegetation had made something dead alive again. The owner of the house and property decorated the landscape with tables and chairs, and there were flowers everywhere. Snap…Snap…Snap.


The house sat on a geographical rise and there were rickety wooden stairs that lead down to the lake. Around me I could hear the chatter of hidden birds and locust. I descended down, and griped the hand rail as I felt the sway. When I made it down mid-way, I turned back just to see how steep the stairs looked from below, and I saw sun peeking out of the trees. Like light passing through a hole in the center of a hand. I was not alone.


When I reached the bottom, I took notice of some tall purple flowers, but something small, fuzzy, yellow was occupying them. How I wished I had my zoom lens with me; I wouldn’t have had to get as close as I soon did. I squatted down and leaned in. My camera pressed against my glasses and greasy nose. He was a fast flyer, hovering for just a few seconds at a time as he gathered what he came for. I snapped cautiously, peeking out at him over my camera just to make sure I wasn’t getting to close to his “personal bubble”. But the fear was soon gone and I realized he wasn’t harmless, just doing what he was made to do and not preoccupied with hurting me. We were alike in that way.


After walking along the wooden planks that kept me from falling in the water, and seeing tons of spider webs and lily pads (no frogs though, shucks). _MG_0729I went back up the stairs to the house and alas, dinner was served! Sweet corn, grilled chicken, deviled eggs, and yellow squash. A royal feast for college student with ramen noodles as a cabinet staple.

_MG_0768When our bellies were full of food and our mouths of laughter, we motor-sailed up Oak Orchard Creek for Ontario Lake. We passed many docked boats along the creek to the opening of the great body of fresh water. Some people were riding, some eating, and some even swimming. The urge to wave at as many people as I could overcame me and won.

Once we were out there, the motor was turned off, the jib went up and it was a rocky adventure, made complete with an un-capture-able sunset due to a cloud bank on the horizon. We were the only vessel out on there on the wide open sea. Amazing!